A sustainable space for widows in rural Andhra Pradesh, India

Widow Sponsorship

Sponsor a widow’s salary! Our employees are very thankful for their employment and our proud of their work. This employment is empowering. It gives our employees confidence and helps them move their families out of poverty, as well as provides a useful service to other women and girls in their communities.

Each widow receives a monthly salary of 6,000 rs for her work in the manufacturing of sanitary napkins. Depending on the exchange rate, this salary comes to about $100 USD per month. This salary allows her to pay for her children’s or grandchildren’s education (600-1000 rs/month/child), living expenses (about 2000 rs/month), transportation (about 1000 rs/month), and savings or debt repayment. This employment has moved several of our employees and their families out of homelessness and has allowed them to provide their children with education. You can learn more about each widow’s story in our Employee of the Month profiles.

Currently, paying our employees salaries is Shelter’s largest expense. Help keep these women employed and their children in school by sponsoring a widow’s salary with one of the following options:

  • Sponsor one or more widows at $100 USD per month each
  • Partially sponsor a widow at
    • $10 USD per month
    • $50 USD per month
    • Any amount that you are able to make on a monthly basis
  • Sponsor one or more widows as a family or group at 100 USD per month each

If you would like to sponsor a particular widow, please let us know who you would like to support. If you would like, we will tell her who her sponsor is and provide you with significant updates.

Once again, thank you for your support!